Arabic Learning

For Kids

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world today. Learning Arabic Online is beneficial in many ways, but understanding it is conducive to learning Quran.

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran that you might understand.”

(Surah Yusuf)

Before signing up for any Learn Quran for kids courses, your kids must have prior knowledge of the Arabic language to make things easier.

Arabic For Kids

How To Learn Arabic For Kids?

The easiest and most convenient way to learn Arabic for kids is to enroll them in this course from Firdaws. With a native Arabic professional instructor, your children get to learn Arabic online in the right way in a way that they can’t forget.

Arabic is a beautiful language that communicates meaning in the most spiritually fantastic way. Learning Quranic Arabic also helps Muslims to encounter the spiritual aspect of the Quran. This is achieved by reading the text in Arabic.

Learning Arabic Numbers For Kids

Importance of Learning Arabic Numbers For Kids

Numbers are a huge part of the Arabic language, more than any other language. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult for children to learn numbers in Arabic.

With this course, your children will learn how to properly use numbers in an Arabic sentence and accurately and efficiently pronounce them with learning methods tailored for their age.

Arabic Learning Games For Kids

Arabic Learning Games For Kids In Firdaws Courses

With Firdaws courses, your kids get to meet our friendly teachers who will accompany them on an exciting and enjoyable learning journey full of information and games.

We understand how kids can have a brief attention span, so we utilize games that aim to educate and entertain your children.

Learn Arabic Online For Kids

Why Is It Better To Learn Arabic Online For Kids?

Since any course concerned with the Quran for kids requires a basic knowledge of Arabic, your kids need to take Arabic courses first. Here’s a list of reasons why learning the Arabic alphabet online is your best bet:

Arabic Classes For Kids

Are Online Arabic Classes For Kids Difficult?

Learning the Arabic language can be challenging, but with Firdaws, you ensure that Arabic for kids is the easiest, most convenient way with experienced native female and male Quran teachers.

Learning Arabic pronunciation will also qualify your kids to take Islamic studies lessons for kids and get a deeper understanding of their religion.