Fun ways to teach Quran To Children.

Fun ways to teach Quran To Children. 

A child’s introduction to the Quran can be a rewarding experience, but it calls for careful direction and a kind manner. In this capacity as a Quran tutor for kids, the work goes beyond simple teaching; it entails crafting complex narratives, dispensing moral guidance, and fostering a bond with a holy book. This essay will explore useful techniques and insightful perspectives to assist parents and mentors in guiding their children through the profound teachings of the Quran in engaging ways.

How to teach Quran in a fun way?

I know you’re thinking now how can I teach my kid Quran? Where should I start from? How to make it fun for them? Don’t worry, we can hear all the questions that rush into your head right now. So, we prepared a step-by-step guide for you that will lead you from the start all the way till the end.

1 – Start with the Basics of the language:

What does that mean? Well, to be able to read Quran correctly with no mistakes you should first start teaching them the Arabic alphabet and how to combine them to read a full word and then read sentences.

Teach them how the letter changes its shape when it’s connected to other letters, and how the Sukoon, Shaddah, and Tanween change the pronunciation of the word.

You could make this step fun by using the VISUAL Learning Style. Kids love colors and images, you could write the letters In front of them with colors or use colored books. Or match the shape of the letter with its animal shape.

2 – Teach Tajweed for your Kids:

Yup, that’s the second step, the basics of learning the correct way to read the Quran is learning the basics of Tajweed. Learning tajweed will make them pronounce the word the way it should be pronounced. It’s not hard to teach them on your own if you know the tajweed rules, but if you prefer to let an expert teach them you can enroll them in online Quran classes for kids, and Firdaws online offers many great Quran for kids’ programs that will teach Quran to your kid in a fun ad memorable way.

3 – Quran Memorization:

If you want your kids to memorize the holy Quran you could start by teaching them the small surahs and recite each verse multiple of times and make them repeat after you. here’s how to do so:

  • Start by making the kid memorize from one to two verses every day and when they memorize the verse or two verses move on to the next verses.
  • Read each verse you want them to memorize about 10 times and make them repeat after you.
  • When you finish reading the verse, close the Quran and let the kid try reciting it on his own without looking.
  • Don’t move to the next part without revising what the kids have memorized first.
  • To make it easier at the beginning start by making the kids memorize the small surahs of the Quran, meaning start with the last chapter of the Quran. Because the last chapter has the smallest surahs which are easier to memorize.

You could also enroll the kids in Quran Classes for kids.

4 – Read Quranic Stories for your Kids:

Kids love stories and, what is better than teaching them with what they love the most? Teaching them Quran with Quranic stories will keep them eager to learn more, they won’t get bored and it will be fun for them. You could buy Quranic stories or download them from the internet. Read to them before bedtime and tell them the lessons learned from each story.

5 – Use games to teach them Quran:

Kids love games and it keep them active and engaged, so using games will be really fun and interesting to them. And we will take about games shortly.

6 – Enroll your kids in Online Quran Course for Kids:

If you like you could enroll your kids in online Quran classes. Search for the best course that suit them and teach them how to read Quran in a fun way, a course that starts with the basics and Arabic alphabet. Don’t rush out to enroll in any course, read the course description and its content to make sure that it’s the right course for your kid.

Fun Quran activities.

Here are some fun activities that you can use:


One of the fun activities that you could do with your cute little kid is to read them Quranic stories. We all loved stories when we were kids and learned a lot from it, and we also know how interesting it is to learn through stories. So, one of the great activities is Quranic stories, teach them about the prophets in a fun way using Quranic stories and see how eager they are to learn more.

Crafts and Visual:

Kids love colors and images, so you could draw together a picture or do a craft that represents the main theme of the surah.

If you don’t like crafting or don’t have time you could buy Quran kits that are filled with fun activities that represent and focus on each surah.

Fun Quran games.

To help kids remember the verses of the Quran better or to remember the meaning of the surah you could decide together what is the best drawing that represents the surah and let the kid draw it. Or you might use a keyword game for example if the kid finds a word hard to memorize you could write it on a card, do this with each word that is difficult to memorize, and then ask the kids if they remember the meaning of the word. This way they will memorize it with time.

You could use the two methods the keyword game and the visuals and add up the storytelling to make it more fun and engaging to them.

Also, after finishing a surah make sure to summarize, it for them, teach them the meaning and main theme of the surah, and ask them what they learned from it. Then test them in the next day and let them explain what they learned from the surah and if they can’t remember conclude it for them again.


1.How can I help my child relate the Quran to their day-to-day experiences?

A: Apply parables and lessons from the Quran to real-world circumstances, connecting its precepts to personal experience.

2.What age is appropriate for introducing youngsters to the Quran?

A: Although it varies, introducing young children (between the ages of 4 and 6) to basic Quranic stories and principles can pique their attention.

3.How can I help my child enjoy learning the Quran?

A: Involve kids and make learning fun by using interactive techniques like games, activities, and storytelling.

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