kids Quran tutor.

Teaching your kids on your own could be hard sometimes perhaps you don’t have enough time or you don’t know how to teach them by yourself, that’s why hiring a kids Quran tutor is an effective way for you.

In this article, we will take about the best place to find an online Quran tutor, the kid’s Quran program that we offer in Firdaws online, what to search for in each course and how to teach them on your own if you want to. So, let’s get started.

At what age do I teach my child the Quran?

When you ask this question, the answer will always be, that there is no specific age to start teaching your child Quran. However, the best age to memorize Quran is the age of 6 years old. But you should know that this is not the definite age to memorize Quran.

 Some kids managed to memorize the Quran at the age of 3 or 4 years. But not all kids can do so. So it is considered that 6 years old is the perfect time to start teaching your kids Quran, whether via Quran online courses or by hiring a tutor.

Although, don’t wait until your kid reaches 6 years old, try enrolling them in an online Quran course and see their progress.

Online Quran learning.

Online learning is one effective method if you don’t have time to teach the kids on your own or if you don’t know how to do so. There are many courses and programs that are designed just for kids to make learning much easier and more fun for them. We offer different Islamic Classes for All Ages. The different stages the kids go through are:

  • For Pre-K: In this stage, your kid is still trying to figure out the meaning of everything surrounding her/him so we will prepare them and give them the knowledge they need.
  • Elementary level: In this stage of life your kid develops faster and needs different learning methods to suit his/her age and meet their needs.  
  • Middle School: In the middle, school-age kids start to understand the advanced information and we make it easier for them to understand.
  • High School stage: Your child will feel more confident towards deep knowledge, which he will get through the learning journey.

Teaching the kids through fun games helps them learn faster and memorize the knowledge they gain in no time. That’s why you should enroll your kids in an Interactive, Fun Islamic Classes For Kids program and our program provide you with the following:

  • Qualified teachers who deal perfectly with children.
  • Interactive and fun program material.
  • Fun and exciting games and activities.

We offer your kids an Online Quran Learning for Kids. During this course your kid will do the following:

  • Pronouncing each letter and syllable in the Quran correctly
  • Quran memorization
  • Understanding Quran ayahs.
  • Practicing the recitation of the Quran.
  • Improving pronunciation and recitation of al Quran al Kareem.
  • Recognizing and correcting Quran recitation mistakes.
  • Easy methods to memorize Quran.
  • Read Quran with Tajweed with comfort.

Now you might ask, why should I enroll my kid in an online Quran course?

Here are the benefits of online Quran classes:

  • More cost-effective than offline courses.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Premium quality material.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Professional Tutors.
  • Several learning methods.
  • Flexible schedules.

Why Choose Kids Quran tutor online?

Well, sometimes you have the restriction of time, and money, they require certain ages and you want your kid to learn at a young age, there is no near mosque near you or a place to teach your kids Quran. That’s why Online Quran tutors kids is the best choice. All you have to do is to search for online Quran tutors and you will find many experienced and professional Quran tutors.

Quran for children.

How can I teach my kid Quran? Where should I start from? How to make it fun for them? If these questions are rushing into your head right now, don’t worry, we can hear all the questions that rush into your head right now. So, we prepared a step-by-step guide for you that will lead you from the start all the way to the end.

1- Start with the Basics of the language:

What does that mean? Well, to be able to read Quran correctly with no mistakes you should first start teaching them the Arabic alphabet and how to combine them to read a full word and then read sentences.

Teach them how the letter changes its shape when it’s connected to other letters, and how the Sukoon, Shaddah, and Tanween change the pronunciation of the word.

You could make this step fun by using the VISUAL Learning Style. Kids love colors and images, you could write the letters in front of them with colors or use colored books. Or match the shape of the letter with its animal shape. You could enroll them in online Arabic Classes for kids to make their learning process more effective.

2- Teach Tajweed for your Kids:

Yup, that’s the second step, the basics of learning the correct way to read the Quran is learning the basics of Tajweed. Learning tajweed will make them pronounce the word the way it should be pronounced. It’s not hard to teach them on your own if you know the tajweed rules, but if you prefer to let an expert teach them you can enroll them in online Quran classes for kids, and Firdaws online offers many great Quran for kids’ programs that will teach Quran to your kid in a fun ad memorable way.

3- Quran Memorization:

If you want your kids to memorize the holy Quran you could start by teaching them the small surahs and recite each verse multiple times and make them repeat after you. here’s how to do so:

  •       Start by making the kid memorize from one to two verses every day and when they memorize the verse or two verses move on to the next verses.
  •       Read each verse you want them to memorize about 10 times and make them repeat after you.
  •       When you finish reading the verse, close the Quran and let the kid try reciting it on his own without looking.
  •       Don’t move to the next part without revising what the kids have memorized first. 
  •       To make it easier at the beginning start by making the kids memorize the small surahs of the Quran, meaning start with the last chapter of the Quran. Because the last chapter has the smallest surahs which are easier to memorize.

You could also enroll the kids in Quran Classes for kids.

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