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There is a learning path that our learners go through while learning; first of all, after choosing a course, the student will undergo a preliminary exam to determine the most appropriate educational program to his level.

Each lesson usually consists of a video, text, and professional illustrations, and each kid is subject to a specific system as he can view several lessons.

To move to the new lesson, learners undergo multiple tests to understand the previous lesson fully. After completing a specified number of lessons, they will attend a live lesson once a week to answer their questions and recap lessons in detail.

This process will continue until they complete their program and receive an official certificate.

Family Discounts

There is no more fun than learning with family!

If you have more than one kid, you can enroll them in Firdaws courses and get discounts on one- to one course and 50% off for sibling’s classes.

Contacts us now to get your family discounts!

Move A Step Forward

We believe that every child is unique and has a learning path. In Firdaws, our teachers use many teaching tools and advanced methods to make learning fun and engageable to your child.

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