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Firdaws is an Online academy to teach Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies for all ages with Arabic native qualified teachers.

Enroll your child now in Firdaws classes to learn Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies with qualified native teachers …

Islamic Classes for All Ages

Your child will get all the essential information to prepare for upcoming knowledge.

During this time, his physical and motor development will slow, and he will get his learning needs

Your child will be able to accept slightly advanced information.

Your child will feel more confident towards deep knowledge, which he will get through the learning journey.

Why Us

Why choose Firdaws?

Firdaws is not just an online platform to teach Islam to kids. We believe that learning must be fun, so we successfully make our programs fun and interactive to engage your kid all the time,

Our Programs

Arabic classes

Arabic is the language of the Quran, and every Muslim should be able to understand it to understand Islam. Our classes will help your child to learn Arabic effectively.

Islamic studies

Learn more about Islam and its teachings in a fun, engaging way only for children.

Quran classes

Through this course, your child will learn how to recite the Quran with Tajweed rules, and we will then memorize whole surahs together to grow with the Quran.

Going Digital

Why Online Platform?

The idea of the online platform came from the numerous challenges related to lifestyle, job, society, and the place you live, which may stand against enrolling in courses for learning Islam sciences. Our online platform will make it easy for you to enroll in programs for your kids at any place and any time.

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Interactive, fun Islamic classes for kids

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